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lunedì 3 novembre 2014


Particolare di una Cornelia un po' sexy per William, che ama collezionare cose belle e con bontà sua, anche qualche mia opera.
Sketch for a fan of W.i.t.c.h. who bought some original works of mine.

3 commenti:

Gizem ha detto...

Hello I'm from Turkey and I Love your drawings you are awesome.I'm 21 years old and I read Witch since elementary school but it ended long time ago I was in high school.I'm luckily found this blog haha and I like looking foreigner drawers.Alessandro Barbucci has a blog too but he didn't use it anymore I think.Thanks for drawing awesome series I can't forget it. :)) :D

Daniela Vetro ha detto...

Thank you unknown fan from Turkey!

Giulia Pulerà ( GIULYBLADER ) ha detto...

carina :)

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