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martedì 14 aprile 2015

With love from Finland!

In Finlandia appassionati del mondo Disney scrivono su un blog, "Ankkalinnake". 
Inoltre prestano particolare attenzione agli autori di origine italiana.
E' cosí che trovate qui un intervista mia in compagnia del collega Danilo Barozzi.

Per chi non mastica il Finnico allego qui sotto la mia intervista in lingua inglese.

In Finland Disney's fans write on a blog, "Ankkalinnake".
They also pay particular attention to the artists of Italian origin.
So you can find here an article about me and my colleague Danilo Barozzi.

For those who don't speak the Finnish language I enclose my interview in English here below.

1.Who is/are your so called "rolemodel(s)" from Donald Duck artists?

Carl barks is certainly the master from whom everyone draws inspiration, but I love many Italian artists too. They have made important contributions to the character of Donald Duck.
G.B. Carpi, R. Scarpa, G. Cavazzano, C. Mastantuono, E. Faccini and many others are my role models. I studied their drawings at the beginning of my career, but now their works are still my daily inspiration.

2. Is there any certain character from Duckburg that you prefer to write and draw?

After Donald I love Magica De Spell, Fethry Duck and also Donald Duckling. I have drawn a lot of stories about them, but only with Donald Duckling I have also been a writer.
"Paperino Paperotto e l'invito natalizio" is the original title of the story which I wrote in 2005. It was a Christmas story that was published in Italy on Topolino magazine number 2717.

3. How long does it take to draw an average 10-page story?

Usually I draw an average ten-page story in five or six days. During these few days I read the script, make the layouts and the cleanups. Then the pages need to be inked. I don't use digital inking, I prefer the traditional way. I've rarely inked my stories, I prefer to collaborate with a professional inker. I ink only few things: single illustrations or short stories made of four pages.

4. What makes drawing Donald Ducks so interesting/enjoyable.

Drawing their curved lines is a pleasure for me! Their body expressiveness and their facial expressions are so funny! I love drawing all their amazing adventures, which are full of strange things , amazing places and bizarre supporting characters.

5. Do you work with Donald Ducks only when you draw/write, or is Donald Duck part of your "free" time as well?

I draw Donald Ducks only when I work, but my son Alessio, who is four years old and is starting to read Topolino's magazine, some times asks me to draw Donald or others Disney characters. 
So I draw for him and he 's very happy! Sometimes he wants me to teach him how to draw Donald.
Sometime he is very demanding with my work, he says : " Don't worry mom! You can do it all over again. I'm sure you can do it better!"

6. And for final, your greetings to Ankkalinnake!

My best regards to all Ankkalinnake 's followers and to all of Donald Duck's Finnish fans! 

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